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Code of conduct: The main motto of this project is to help visually
challenged people by providing a voice message .
Components :Arduino
Servo motor
Ultra sonic sensors
Bread board
connecting wires
Resources : Arduino IDE
Block Diagram:
Versions : 10 versions were started
3 have been completed
1st version - All basic codes of components and thier working
2nd version - connecting the servo motor and ultra sonic sensor and running the code together i.e as the obstcle is detected servo motor stops rotating
3rd version - By connecting 3 ultra sonic sensors in diff angles ,even if one ultra sonic sensor detects the object immediatly servo motor stops rotating.
Here we connected servo motor and 3 ultra sonic sensor
together so that as obstacle is detected by any one of the
ultra sonic sensor servo motor stops rotating.And then
it also aquires the data of the obstacle in which angle
and the distance towards it.And this info is printed on
the serial monitor.
Future scope : Info which is printed on the serial monitor
is to be delivered as a voice message to the visually challenged people
If in case the people is deaf along with blind ,we trying to place a
vibration motor and gives the vibration when the obstacle is detected
continuously until the obstacle is near or towards them
Team introductions:
Paramathmula Bindu
kasireddy Chathurya
Rangu Hari Chandana
Beeram Khyathi
Chakka Nikhil
Kasireddy Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy
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