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<title>Case study</title>
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<h1 style="color:#E30B5D">Can Matter Changes its State</h1>
<p style="text-size-adjust:var(20px);font-size:x-large;color:#0000CD">Yes'. It can definitely change its shape, size, and volume. A substance may exist in any of the three states of matter (i.e. solid, liquid or gas) depending upon the conditions of temperature and pressure.
By changing the conditions of temperature and pressure, a substance can be made to exist as solid, liquid or a gas.
A solid on heating usually changes into a liquid which on further heating changes into gas. Similarly, a gas on cooling condenses into a liquid which on further cooling changes into a solid.</p>
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<p style="text-size-adjust:var(20px);font-size:x-large;color:#0000CD">Matter changes from one state to another by heating, cooling or by other methods.
On heating the intermolecular space between the molecules increases and the intermolecular force decreases in solids and liquids and then changes the state to liquid in case of solid and gas in case of liquid
During the cooling process the intermolecular space decreases whereas intermolecular force decreases between the molecules
The matter changes from one state to another in the following ways:-</p>
<ol style="color:#0000CD;text-size-adjust:var(20)px;font-size:x-large">
<li>From solid state to liquid on melting</li>
<li>From liquid to gaseous state by boiling</li>
<li>Gas to solid on sublimation.</li>
<li>Liquid state to solid state by undergoing freezing.</li>
<li>From gaseous to liquid state on condensation.</li>
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<h3 style="text-size-adjust:var(20px);font-size:x-large;color:black"><marquee direction="down">Here,is the video to know a brief study of why matter change its state</marquee></h3>
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<h2 style="color:#E30B5D">Why changes occur?</h2>
<p style="text-size-adjust:var(20px);font-size:x-large;color:#0000CD">Changing states of matter occur when matter loses or absorbs energy. When a substance absorbs energy; the atoms and molecules move more rapidly and this increased kinetic energy pushes particles far enough that they change form. This energy is usually heat or thermal energy.When temperature or pressure change of a system occurs, phase changes occur. When the temperature or pressure increases, the interaction between the molecules increases. Similarly, when the temperature decreases, it is easier for molecules and atoms to settle into a more rigid structure.</p>
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