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......@@ -17,23 +17,22 @@ An app that,low-privilege user credentials of the patients are self registered.
# App Flow:
![OpenMRS Login Page](/Pictures/1.png)
![Register Details](/Pictures/2.png)
** Data-entry page** :
A user enters his/her name, phone number, and chief complaint in a simple form.
The user taps a "Register" button to get registered for an appointment.
![Appointment Page](/Pictures/3.png)
**Appointment Page**
Appointment page is which the users can fix their appointment by providing their problem and
place where they need the appointment. The information is cross checked in the backend and if
all the details are correct they fix the appointment then, the user will get a call from physician.
![Confirmation Page](/Pictures/4.png)
**Successful transaction page**:
If the appointment application is submitted successfully , then you will be taken to
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