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Tasks:Making a CMS
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**Problem Statement**
* When ever there is need for blood to get the suitable donor is
* become biggest issue in today society.
* Every day we see tens of whatsapp messages floating in every group
* and in Facebook .
* But there is no tracking or follow up system to help the needy
* No one knows whether the blood reached the needy or not
* Even the authentication of these messages in biggest problem
**Existing Solution and problem with existing
* Currently few organizations are maintaining few web portals which
* are ment to connect the donor and needy but there is no proper
* follow up of these action. These sites just provide the phone numbers
* of the donor to the needy .
* In many of the cases the needy have to call each and every person
* and need to know about the status .
* By this activity there is lot of time consumption and may not promise
* the blood for needy.
* Will not surve the desired purpose.
**Our Proposed Solution**
* In our webportal we have introduced the Message services between
* the need and the donor.
* When ever a need fills the request form the people with suitable
* blood group will be sent an S.M.S to the mobile phone of the donor.
* In that message we will know the response of the donor, if any one
* interested to donate the blood we will send their details to the needy
* for easy access .
* There is a chatbot that is been arranged for the both donor and
* needy for easy and quick problem solving.
* We manually update the status of each request and the donated
* person name .
* We also update the last donated date of the donor for effective way
* of providing the solution
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