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<?php include('init.php')?>
$obj = new base_class;
else if($result=='aneg')
else if($result=='bpos')
else if($result=='bneg')
else if($result=='abpos')
else if($result=='abneg')
else if($result=='opos')
else if($result=='oneg')
if($obj->Normal_Query("SELECT * from bloo where blood LIKE '$re%' ")){
$blood_result = $obj->fetch_all();
echo "<table>
<th>Blood Group</th>
<th>Mobile Number</th>
foreach($blood_result as $informations):
$id = $informations->id;
$name = $informations->uname;
echo "<tr><td>$co</td><td>$name</td><td>$blood</td><td>$mobile</td></tr>";
echo "</table>";
\ No newline at end of file
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