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sudo ./uninstall
3. Click Yes to proceed with the uninstall process.
*****Implementation of project*****
1.We Created a html page in the we have two text boxs and submit query.
2.After enter the date then it direct to PHP pages here we have display the following details
-Seat Number
-present location
-Total no of passengers in the bus.
3.Then we have implement some queries to connect database and PHP.
4.In database when we move from the next station in that the passenger whose destination is equal to current location it will be automatically removed from the datebase.
5.Then we also observed that total number of passengers also reduced as per the no of passengers out of bus.
6.The new passenger will be allocated to seats where we can find the vacancies.
7.These whole process will be taken in the queue format.
*****Challenges During The Project*****
1.In our project queries play a major role and it take much of our time to implement in a proper manner.
2.At Present we work on the newly arrived passenger will get the seat at perticular point where we find the Vacancies.
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