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# KL Hostel Outing Automation
index.php -----------------> Main page
Pages Description
stulogg.php Login Page
du.php Home Page
du2.php Profile Page
du7.php Apply Leave Page
success22.php Leave Successfully Applied Page
du5.php Current Status/ Cancel Req Page
success3.php Cancel Req Page
success4.php Cancellation Successfull page
du6.php Only Current Status Page
du3.php Total Leave History Page
logout2.php Logout Page
grev2.php Grievances Page
successg.php Succesful Grievances Page
Pages Description
2.php Login Page
hp3.php Home Page
about5.php Student Request Page
Newneww.php Approve/Reject Page
contact.php Approved Students Page
contact2.php Left Students Page
contact4.php Returned Students Page
du22.php Profile Page
hp4.php Total Students List Page
hp5.php Total Approved Students List
hp6.php Total Rejected Student List
hp7.php Total Cancelled Student List
logout3.php Logout Page
Page Description
sec.php Login Page
security.php Home Page
resub.php Students Approved List Page
resub2.php Conformation for Leaving Students
nouse.php Students Left List Page
nouse2.php Conformation for Returning Students
logout.php Logout Page
Page Description
3.php Login page
manage2.php Home Page
stu1.php Students Record
first2.php Main Registration Page
stureg.php Student Registration Page
success.php Registration Successfull Page
registrer3.php Warden Registartion Page
secsec.php Security Registration Page
first3.php Total Students List
logout4.php Logout Page
functions2.php Import page
connection.php Connection to import page
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