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In order to complete our work in an efficent manner we divided our team into 3 sub groups, ie the Frontend , Backend and the BlockChain team. <br>
Here is the list of members from the individual team.
** Front-end ** <br>
Worked on the desgin and UI of hompage and shopping page. We also made a specific product description page which shows the current bidding rates of a particular profuct.<br>
Users can interact and place the bid on the product of their choice. We enchanced the user adaptability of the login and signup page as well.<br>
Technologies Used : <br>
1. HTML<br>
2. CSS <br>
3. JavaScript <br>
4. jQuery & NodeJS <br>
Sanchit Narang : Team Lead <br>
Surya Kiran : Team Lead <br>
Yash Saravgi <br>
Arpit Goyal <br>
Aditya Bulusu <br>
Harsha <br>
Pranay <br>
Sahil <Br>
** Back-end & BlockChain** <br>
As the Domain of work provided to us was fairly new for many of us so we had distributed various courses and tutorials among ourselves to learn more about the fields.<br>
We used 'Node.js' as the backend environment;
'MongoDB' as the Database system to store login credentials, personal info of users, etc;
'Hyperledger Fabric 2.x' as the private/permissioned blockchain network.
<br> We worked on making the webpages dynamic and responsive.<br>
Kalash Darshan Wimawala <br>
Yash Jajoo <br>
Anand Gour <br>
Harshal Agrawal <br>
A Vrishan <br>
* Front-end : Alekya,Rohith,Harsha
* Back-end : Varsha,Ramya
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