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Aastha master patch 94658

See merge request agriculture/mobile-autonomous-cart-with-guided-vison-for-agriculture!6
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1. Students ( travelling to Hyd ) Emails, Faculty Coordinator Info
2. Travel Info
3. Project Proposal Update in the Repo - Aryan
4. Objectives - md file - Aastha
5. Sub Teams Division 
6. Tasks Assignment for 3 day sprint - done
7. Issues, Milestones Creation - dhruv and aastha
8. MVP - 
#Automated Ground Vehicle   
1. Shrishailya - Read a couple of sensors, and update the value over the wifi to a remote server.
2. Vision based navigation using center line and two side lines - Aastha, Aryan, Tarush
3. Vision based follow the human - Sanchit
4. X&Y distance map plotting using python - Anmol
5. ROS bot Approach
6. Ros installation with appropriate packages for arduinoserial communication - Roshan, Hreetik, Aastha
7. ROS based model TeraBee testing
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