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The objective of the project is to establish a self care plant that waters itself depending on the parameters like soil moisture,temperature,humidity using NodeMCU as processor and Internet of Things technology.The system monitors different parameters like temperature, humidity, soil moisture, rain, soil pH .
Soil moisture related to water content which a factor that affects the plant growth. The process of watering plants is generally done manually regardless of the volume of water needed by plants. This project discusses about an automated prototype and a system that have the function of watering plants based on the soil moisture level. The process starts from the detection of soil moisture by the sensor. If soil moisture value is detected on certain level, then the device activates the watering. When the soil moisture detected more then that level, the device stops the watering function. If the rain is sensed the the rain sensor gets activated and motor does not operate. The motor operates automatically depending on moisture sensor and the rain sensor results in soil.Motor automatically switches between on and off stage of pumping action.
In this sophisticated world of Technology,flourishing vast development,one section seems paid little attention i.e horticulture.The current project focuses on the urge to resolve the burning issue :Global warming.The rise in average temperature compels the need to plant more trees.
IOT is a platform that connect all the devices to internet .IOT concept is applicable to all fields like automation,industry,electrical,healthcare.Using IOT technology,we can implement automation on plant that requires no man power but monitoring.
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The Future scope of this project is the section of Urbanisation.In the urbanized city,a small area assigned to plants near every vast infrastructure for the good of the world,to reduce the global temperature.It improves the scenic view and the information regarding the plants is monitored on portable devices making the user attain easy access.
Step 1:Accessing the data from the sensors
The sensors read the data from the elements : soil,air. The data consists of temperature, moisture, humidity, rain. Code is written to read the data and dumped in NodeMCU.
It is a micro controller that has memory of 128Kb.It has 9 Data pins,one analog pin.It has a microcontroller working on 3.3 Voltage.SELF CARE PLANT
Soil Moisture Sensor:
**Soil Moisture Sensor:**
Soil Moisture sensor estimates the moisture content in the soil. This sensor consists of two probes through which the current passes that estimates the resistance and indeed estimates the moisture content in the soil.In this project,the percentage moisture content was read from the sensor.The Output acquired by coding and making connections with NodeMCU is given below.
DHT Sensor:
**DHT Sensor**:
DHT sensor estimates temperature and humidity of the sensor.It consists of a humidity sensing component, a NTC temperature sensor and an IC on the back side of the sensor. For measuring humidity they use the humidity sensing component which has two electrodes with moisture holding substrate between them.The parameters temperature and humidity was sensed and the data was dumped to NodeMCU.The output data seen on the serial monitor of arduino IDE is given below
Rain Sensor:
**Rain Sensor:**
Rain sensor senses if it is raining or not.Rain sensors are based on the principle of total internal reflection.Data was dumped into NodeMCU.The output was observed on the serial monitor.
Relays are switches that open and close circuits electromechanically or electronically. Relays control one electrical circuit by opening and closing contacts in another circuit.
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Step 9 : This is the training stage for checking if the plant works according to the plans of project.
All the versions implemented above creates a self sufficient plant.Firstly,data is collected .Secondly,weather is estimated.And then,plant is watered depending on weather conditions.Monitoring is done on portable devices.This project encourages afforestation in response to reduce the global temperatue.SELF CARE PLANT
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