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......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ The sensors read the data from the elements : soil,air. The data consists of tem
It is a micro controller that has memory of 128Kb.It has 9 Data pins,one analog pin.It has a microcontroller working on 3.3 Voltage.
Soil Moisture Sensor:
Soil Moisture sensor estimates the moisture content in the soil. This sensor consists of two probes through which the current passes that estimates the resistance and indeed estimates the moisture content in the soil.In this project,the percentage moisture content was read from the sensor.The Output acquired by coding and making connections with NodeMCU is given below.
DHT Sensor:
......@@ -46,6 +47,8 @@ Step 7: Inclusion of soils considering the soil moisture required for different
Step 8:The power supply on a large scale can be supplied by lithium ion batteries near the DC power supply.
Step 9 : This is the training stage for checking if the plant works according to the plans of project.
All the versions implemented above creates a self sufficient plant.Firstly,data is collected .Secondly,weather is estimated.And then,plant is watered depending on weather conditions.Monitoring is done on portable devices.This project encourages afforestation in response to reduce the global temperatue.
The Future scope of this project is the section of Urbanisation.In the urbanized city,a small area assigned to plants near every vast infrastructure for the good of the world,to reduce the global temperature.It improves the scenic view and the information regarding the plants is monitored on portable devices making the user attain easy access.
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