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Updated script

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......@@ -3,14 +3,29 @@ if [ `uname -o` != GNU/Linux ]; then
echo This Script is only for GNU/Linux Operating System
msg="Nextcloud Installation Script\n\n
1) Install Nextcloud\n
2) Configure Nextcloud\n
3) Exit\nYour Selection:"
prin="echo -e $msg"
$prin && read input
case $input in
printf '\nInstalling Nextcloud\n'
printf '\nUpdating your System... \n' && printf $stars
sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
printf '\nInstalling snap \n' && printf $stars
sudo apt -y install snapd
printf '\nInstalling snap package of Nextcloud\n' && printf $stars
sudo snap install nextcloud
printf '\nNextcloud is successfully installed\n'
echo 'You can access it from http://localhost' && printf $stars
xdg-open http://localhost
xdg-open http://localhost;;
2) ;;
3) exit;;
*) clear && $prin && read input;;
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