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......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ We love your input! We want you to contribute to this project , whether it's:
* Proposing new features
When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make via issue, email, or any other method with the owners of this repository before making a change.
......@@ -42,13 +42,13 @@ Nominatim is a search engine for OpenStreetMap data. This is the debugging inter
Cufflinks, a library for easy interactive Pandas charting with Plotly. Cufflinks binds Plotly directly to pandas dataframes.
**Merge Request Process**
**Merge Request Process:**
Update the with details of changes to the interface.
Increase the version numbers in any examples files and the to the new version that this Merge Request would represent.
One of the Maintainers will verify the changes you make and if they are valid and useful, your request will be merged.
**Code of Conduct**
**Code of Conduct:**
Acceptable Behaviour:
......@@ -67,25 +67,25 @@ Unacceptable Behaviour:
* Publishing others' private information, such as a physical or electronic address, without explicit permission.
* Other conduct which could reasonably be considered inappropriate in a professional setting.
Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior should be reported to the maintainers. All complaints will be reviewed and investigated and will result in a response that is deemed necessary and appropriate to the circumstances. The project team is obligated to maintain confidentiality with regard to the reporter of an incident. Further details of specific enforcement policies may be posted separately.
Project maintainers who do not follow or enforce the Code of Conduct in good faith may face temporary or permanent repercussions as determined by other members of the project's leadership.
When an individual is representing the project or its community, he/she must use a valid e-mail address or social media account . Representation of a project may be further defined and clarified by project maintainers.
**Our Responsibilities**
**Our Responsibilities:**
Project maintainers are responsible for clarifying the standards of acceptable behavior and are expected to take appropriate and fair corrective action in response to any instances of unacceptable behavior.
Project maintainers have the right and responsibility to remove, edit, or reject comments, commits, code, wiki edits, issues, and other contributions that are not aligned to this Code of Conduct, or to ban temporarily or permanently any contributor for other behaviors that they deem inappropriate, threatening, offensive, or harmful.
Please use GitLab issues to track public bugs.
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