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<h1> Rules and Regulations</h1>
<h2> Blood Donation</h2>
<p>1. There are several parameters that determine the eligibility of an individual to donate blood. Guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Health, Government of India have to be followed by blood banks and organizations conducting blood donation camps and also by the Blood donors.</p>
<p> 2.Overall health- The donor must be fit and healthy, and should not be suffering from transmittable diseases</p>
<p>3. Age and weight- The donor must be 18–65 years old and should weigh a minimum of 50 kg.</p>
<p>4. Pulse rate- Between 50 and 100 without irregularities.</p>
<p> 5.Hemoglobin level- A minimum of 12.5 g/dL.</p>
<p> 6.Blood pressure- Diastolic: 50–100 mm Hg, Systolic: 100–180 mm Hg.</p>
<p>7.Body temperature- Should be normal, with an oral temperature not exceeding 37.5 °C.</p>
<p> 8.The time period between successive blood donations should be atleast 2 months.</p>
<p>9.Individuals under certain conditions are deemed ineligible to donate blood:</p>
<p>10.A person who has been tested HIV positive.</p>
<p> 11.Individuals suffering from ailments like cardiac arrest, hypertension, blood pressure, cancer, epilepsy, kidney ailments and diabetes.</p>
<p>12. A person who has undergone ear/body piercing or tattoo in the past 6 months.</p>
<p>13. Individuals who have undergone immunization in the past 1 month.</p>
<p> 14.Individuals treated for rabies or received Hepatitis B vaccine in the past 6 months.</p>
<p> 15.A person who has consumed alcohol in the past 24 hours.</p>
<p> 16.Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.</p>
<p> 17.Individuals who have undergone major dental procedures or general surgeries in the past 1 month.</p>
<p>18.Women who have had miscarriage in the past 6 months.</p>
<p>19.Individuals who have had fits, tuberculosis,allergic disorders in the past.</p>
<p>20.Individuals who currently have asthma with active symptoms, and severe asthma patients.</p>
<h3> Plasma Donation</h3>
<p>1.The general criteria for donating plasma:</p>
<p>2.Plasma donors should be at least 18 years old.</p>
<p>3.Plasma donors should weigh at least 50 kilograms.</p>
<p>4.Test non-reactive for transmissible viruses including hepatitis and HIV.</p>
<p>5.Follow a recommended diet including 50 to 80 grams of daily protein.</p>
<p>6.Before donating plasma it is important to:</p>
<p>7.Drink plenty of water or juice to be fully hydrated.</p>
<p>8.Notify center personnel if you have had recent surgery.</p>
<p>9.Notify center personnel if you have obtained a tattoo or piercing within the past 12 months.</p>
<p>10.Notify center personnel if you are taking medication or are under a doctor's care for any medical condition.</p>
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