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# 1.initiating process #
Selecting the project by observing and identifying the problems present in the society.
One of the most commonly observed problems which we identified is death of victim due to unavailability of hospitals nearby in case of accidents.
# 2.planning process #
selecting appropriate components.
Research and analysis on components.
Availability of components in the market.
Selecting the components according to the budget.
Resources used in our project:
Arduino ide, which is user-friendly software for IoT developers.
Debian OS(because it is open software and it maintains data privacy).
By using these tangible and intangible materials, we designed a smart device "Throb Alert".
# 3.executing process #
We are planning to start the actual design of the project by 1st june,and complete the entire design and execution within three months.
# 4.monitoring and controlling process #
Ensuring continuous tracking and accurate data analysis as per given conditions.
# 5.closing process #
embedding all the components effectively into watch
# installations or usage requrements or Prerequisites #
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