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<h3>About my Myself</h3>
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<p>My favourite hobby is reading. I enjoy reading a book when I am free. I
started to do it when I was four years old. The first time I did it, I felt interested. So I
kept reading. The teachers always taught me to read the difficult words. I was happy
when I read a story with a happy ending. I was thrilled when I read a detective story.
I enjoy reading because I like to explore the imaginative world of my
favourite author, J.K.Rowling who writes “ Harry Potter” . There are a lot of
advantages of reading. Reading can make me relaxed and calm. I can also learn new
vocabulary items. Then I can further improve my English. Moreover, it can give me
an unlimited imagination, so I can write books in the future. I can learn the different
cultures and customs of other countries in the world too.
 I read at least one hour every day. I read books by myself. I usually read it
at home. I wish I could read different kinds of books because it might be very