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Deploy this web application written in python-flask to organize OpenStreetMap Mapathon. This application was primarily written for [FSFTN]( to organize one such [OSM mapathon](
Note: **Python 3.6** is required to run the `` file as it is written **asynchronously** using the Python's new famous standard library called `asyncio` and `aiohttp`. At the time of writing this document,
python3.6 has to be manually compiled from source code. Compiling python from source is not a daunting task, if you installed the dependent libraraies properly.
[This blog]( should be helpful to do that.
**Installing Dependencies for osm-leaderboard**
pip install -r requirements.txt
**Setup backend**
I have used sqlite3 for data-storage at the backend as it is light-weight and is more than sufficient for this kind of applications. Create the database by running the following command. Make sure, you have `sqlite3`
command line interface installed.
sqlite3 data.sqlite3 < leaderboard.sql
If you give a different name for the sqlite3 database file, make sure you change in the python file too (both `` and ``)
**Starting the application**
You might be organizing your mapathon starting from a particular date. This date has to be set in the `EVENT_DATE` variable in the file ``, before proceedin further.
for deploying in production or realtime, you can use any one of the multi-threaded, mutli-processing libraries like `gunicorn` or `gevent`. I prefer installing `gunicorn` using `pip` and starting the application like the following
gunicorn -D -w 2 -b app:app
The app should now be started and running. You can access the application by visiting http://localhost:8787 in your browser.
leaderboard registration
Registration is a 2 step process.
- In step 1 users are asked to enter their **OSM** account user name (a.k.a. **Display Name**).
- In step 2 users are asked to enter their email address, so that organizers could communicate with them later.
leaderboard update
The actual updates to leaderboard will happen only via `` program. This file has to be invoked using **python3.6** (not even python3.5) manually like this.
- `` hits the osm's api server for fetching **changesets** of a particular user using their display name asynchronously.
- the changesets are then parsed for changeset ids.
- the program will then again hit osm's api server for fetching details of a particular changeset id and the user's leaderboard is updated accordingly.
**Scheduling leaderboard updates**
Instead of running the `` manually, the program can be scheduled at regular intervals or specified time using utilities like **crontab**. Look at the cron_sample for an example.
1. Prasanna Venkadesh (FSFTN)
This project is license under **GPL v3** copyleft license. Read `LICENSE` file for more infomration.
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