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Update Our shortfilm

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Our shortfilm shows the disrespect towards farmers among our society.The farmer is backbone of our country.Our shortfilm theme enlightens on the respect given to the farmers in our society,not only the problems faced by him.
Generally farmers come throuhg many hard circumanstances their day to day life.Here comes our story in which we see a farmer's son who blames on his father's profession.The farmer doesn't gain any profits even though he works hard and he doesn't giveup his profession only for the profits only because the respect on his profession.He can't afford his family;s expenditure.This family includes a farmer his wife and their children,a son and a daughter.The farmer's son is arrogant,irresponsible and who doesn't have any concern on his family and his passion is always wnted to be rich and royal.He has a much headweight,being an Indian every citizen should respect farmers and their profession.
But we are in an such an country where the children are feeling ashamed of sharing thier farming background.One day while the farmer is returning to the home from the fields the bank manager arrives and blames off for the state of not being able to return the loans.The farmer asks permission for some more days but he blames him off brutally.
He goes home then his son asks for money,his father is not ina state to give and then his son blaming hard on his profession and their family,s background.Eventually he comes to a decision to gain a job,and his own life royally.After his studies he has been called for an interview then he goes to the company.
There comes a man who have the interview in the same company,he comes along with his father.He observes them very keenly,there his father sheds out with tears about their family problems to his son,literally his father doesn't have a good shirt to wear but he works hard for his son's education.
The son wipes off his father's tears with a great courage and responsibility saying that no need to worry papa I'm gonna clear all the problems we are facing.He observers their conversation and all of a sudden he reminds his father and feels ashamed.
He walks inside with a dielamma and there he hears a sound of water running out of drinking water tap,he remembers an incident when his fatherasks him to turn it off,but he refuses and shouts on his father.He walks towards the tap and turns it off feels that it is a responsibility.
There are some lights and fans are turned on uselessly,he turns them off remembering every moment happens in his home past.There he goes inside the interview room.They have been obsreving him from inside, the interview panel gets a good opinion on him on being responsible on everything.
The son gets job and there he goes home and stands infront of the door crying,his father sees his son and worries about his son.His son falls on his father's feet for saying sorry for his arrogant behaviour from past and gives a hope to his father that he will be responsible for the family from that moment and he gives hope that he would solve all their family problems.
So in our short film we are mailny focussing on the problems which are faced by a farmer in our daily life,it's about the respect we should give to them.Never feel shy to share that you are from the farming background feel proud to say it,"Farmers are the backbone of our country".
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