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......@@ -10,3 +10,7 @@ He walks inside with a dielamma and there he hears a sound of water running out
There are some lights and fans are turned on uselessly,he turns them off remembering every moment happens in his home past.There he goes inside the interview room.They have been obsreving him from inside, the interview panel gets a good opinion on him on being responsible on everything.
The son gets job and there he goes home and stands infront of the door crying,his father sees his son and worries about his son.His son falls on his father's feet for saying sorry for his arrogant behaviour from past and gives a hope to his father that he will be responsible for the family from that moment and he gives hope that he would solve all their family problems.
So in our short film we are mailny focussing on the problems which are faced by a farmer in our daily life,it's about the respect we should give to them.Never feel shy to share that you are from the farming background feel proud to say it,"Farmers are the backbone of our country".
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