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var elements=[
'<b>By maintaing a Heathy life style</b><br><img src="workout.png" alt="hi"/ width="300" height="300"/>',
'<b>Routine medical check-up</b><br><img src="medical-sheckup.jpg" alt="hi"/ width="300" height="300"/>',
'<b>personal Hygine</b><br><img src="Hygiene.png" alt="hi"/ width="300" height="300"/>',
'<b>proper nutrition</b><br><img src="proper.jpg" alt="hi"/ width="300" height="300"/>',
'<b>Vaccination/Immunation<b><br><img src="vaccination.jpg" alt="hi"/ width="300" height="300"/>'
function next() {
var randomNumber=Math.floor(Math.random()*(elements.length));
var element=[
'<b> By taking madicenes to reduce the effect of disease like fever,pain etc.</b><br><img src="medicine.jpg" alt="hi"/ width="300" height="300"/>',
'<b>.To reduce the effects of diseases By taking complete rest to conserve the body energy.</b><br><img src="rest.jpg" alt="hi"/ width="300" height="300"/>',
'<b>To kill the cause of disease By taking anitibiotics and drugs which kill disease causing microbes.</b><br><img src="antibiotic2.jpg" alt="hi"/ width="300" height="300"/>'
function nextone() {
var randomNumber=Math.floor(Math.random()*(element.length));
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