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report on smart farming

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Smart Agriculture developing model is a real time monitoring system It monitor the soil properties like temperature, humidity soil moisture PH etc. It is possible to control many operations of the field remotely from anywhere, anytime by IOT. It offers a futuristic way of life in which an individual gets to control his electronic devices using a smart phone, it also offers an efficient use of energy. It applied in all areas of industry, including smart agriculture, smart parking, smart building environmental monitoring, healthcare transportation and many more.


*checked the working of the given sensors and nodemcu *developed a code for displaying temperature,humidity,soil moisture content on a wed page using nodemcu. *automatic controlling of motor with respect to soil moisture content. *manual controlling of motor through web page. *detection of feild harming animals using pir sensor.


*sending message to farmer mobile when the soil moisture level reached the certain level. *creating an app which contains the information of feild atmosphere.

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